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cuban born artist

cuban artist
Gustavo was born in 1958, Camagüey, Cuba. In 1967 his family migrated to the United States, they settled in Grand Rapids, MI. His mother a teacher saw his artistic talent at an early age and placed him in adult art classes. 
He studied art at Kendall Collage of Design. 

Much of his adult life was spent in the Miami area where the city’s vibrant colors and energy played a key influence in his work. His work has exhibited in Miami, Washington DC, New York NY and various other cities throughout the U.S. He currently works in his Miami Studio in the middle of little Havana reconnecting with his Cuban culture. His signature style includes a unique blend of bold color, shape and perspective. 

Exhibited works include an impressive collection of graphic design, illustrations, paintings and mixed media. 

Commission work include:
• Acrylic on canvas
• Oil on canvas 

His illustrations have been used for retail catalogs, posters and news letters by Burdines, Dillard’s, and Woodward & Lothrop and Parisian department stores. His passion for art stands true by the testament of his long carrier. 

In 2010 he created a work of art called Fita de Rojas it focuses on creating awareness for cancer. Fita de Rojas was exhibited in the Miami area on October 2012.
"I am an artist by God's grace alone

When I create and reach to the unknown

The paint is my world the canvas is my life

And when they come together like husband and wife

I am once again humbled down to my core

My heart falls to its knees as I give thanks once more

My lord I ask, did I do it justice, did I try my best?

When I use this talent you have given me above the rest

If my work is so beautiful that it draws your attention

Its not I, but through me God has once again

added to his creation "-Gustavo
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