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I am Gustavo

cuban artist
I have been an artist my entire life. From my earliest memories, art has been a part of me. While other kids played with toys, 
a blank piece of paper and a pencil are what captured my imagination. My life has been influenced by colors, 
from the bright blues and greens of the Caribbean 
to the fiery reds, yellows and oranges of the 
Midwest fall foliage. 
"I am an artist by God's grace alone

When I create and reach to the unknown

The paint is my world the canvas is my life

And when they come together like husband and wife

I am once again humbled down to my core

My heart falls to its knees as I give thanks once more

My lord I ask, did I do it justice, did I try my best?

When I use this talent you have given me above the rest

If my work is so beautiful that it draws your attention

Its not I, but through me God has once again

added to his creation "-Gustavo
3-D art
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