The core is the heart
Gustavo, has participated in many city art projects. The Apple was a NY city project, were he was given the apple. On it he created his version of the great city of New York. A city that not only never sleeps, but is constantly reinventing itself. Gustavo used the building of the apple as the metaphor for the constant construction that is an everyday part of the city. As you travel around the apple. you will see it being built and painted, then the paint becomes weathered and cracked. The skin of the apple will begin to chip away as the demolition crane swings its recking ball. In the center you will find a painting of a city skyline, representing the heart. On the top is the infamous stork crane delivering its payload of prefabricated concrete panel. All the three dimensional 
From a resin shell I began the transformation. Creating building blocks, the foundation of the skin.
Atop of the blocks I added a layer of what would represent the plaster underlayment. Atop would be the layer of plaster that would be painted to look like the actual skin of the apple.
As the apple turns you can visibly see the multiple layers of the construction.
On the blue field I painted the sky with the skyline of the city, representing the actual city.
As you walk clockwise around the apple the red paint gets darker as if the apple was aging, to the point where it starts to crack and fall apart.
At the top of the apple is the famous stork crane. Visible at every major construction site.
The crane is constructed from wood.
The scafel is also constructed from wood.
As objects that are added touch the apple they turn to paint. It is best illustrated here by the scaffolding and the plate that is being lifted by the crane. Even part of the cable from the crane is paint.
Here is another example of the illusion the rope the painters are dangling from is half real and half paint.As the rope goes up and touches the apple it turns to paint.
Another view of the 
apple creally showing
the difernet levels of the construction process.
A close up of the painters
This angle focuses on the sky line with the storke crane at the top and scaffolding at the bottom.
The workers under the scaffolding are all made from resin and wood, then each hand painted.
The storke crane painted with the Bovis Logo displayed at the top.
The apple from another angle creally showing the construction side of the apple
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