A persons name is given at birth

It's as important as life, it gives them their worth

Names are so important and coming up with one is no game

Maybe thats why I struggle when a painting I must name

I created a work of art that would show what cancer is about 

Something that important needed a name without a doubt 

For the work was about a woman who suffered for most of her life

She had lost her mother to cancer at age 9 what pain what strife

She beat cancer twice and for the third time at old age she chose to see Christ

For it was He who gave her the gift that allowed her to see her own sons grown and that was suffice.

What a difficult task to name this work of art

But what she did for me I had to do my part

I called it Fita de Rojas that's the name I gave this master piece 

It was a perfect name one that to my heart would bring me great peace

Fita was not her birth name but given to her by her grand daughter that name came from love

de Rojas was her mothers madden name and she was a gift to her mother from God above

To name this work of art right was so important to me

Because the woman in the center was the one who gave birth to me

I labored for months to create this work of art

Even though it was her who endured the hardest part

I pray I did my best in creating this art

I thank God for my mom who lives in my heart

in a name?
Clara de Rojas
Nery Castañeda
Cancer Victim
The Artist
Grand Daughter
Mariel named 
her Fita
Great Grand 
 Nery Castañeda Garcia is Fita de Rojas
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Fine art
Fita de Rojas