How can art change you? You first have to connect with the work, these are all real people. Look into their eyes feel them as you connect as humans. While we are all of different colors and races, we are all humans and as such we all share feelings. Loneliness and the fear of the unknown can control us, pain and suffering can weaken us. Cancer is one the scariest, painful, diseases that can weaken us, overwhelm us and even kills us. It kills 7.6 million people every year. 

The feelings of love, remorse, apathy and compassion, are feelings we also share. These feelings can motivate us but none more than HOPE. Hope can give life to helplessness, it can come as words from a friend or an outreached hand form stranger. Hope can come in many forms. 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. 5.1 million are saved, but with early detection we could increase that number to 7.5 million and the with willingness to fight together the number could increase. Its up to us, 
together we have HOPE, together we can overcome cancer. It’s up to you,


Become an advocate for change, become a mentor, get involved, encuroge a cancer victim to fight on, if you have had cancer share your personal story, if you lost a loved one share your feelings, demand more from our goverment, the babies that cries is the one that gets the milk, become hope.

You can, 

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